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Whether hosting your entire auction or selling a few of your consignment items as part of a larger auction, Brinkman Auctions will fetch you top dollar for your valuables. Auction commission vary per auction, please contact us via email or phone 952.473.0454 for specifics.

To host your auction, we have a large auction gallery with on-site storage and also travel to on-site auctions and third party venues. Each Brinkman Auction is a high-octane fueled event backed by heavy promotional and marketing reach. Our auctioneers are knowledgeable and ensure that they understand each item in order to fairly represent it. By maintaining an energetic and quick selling pace, we can ensure maximum bidder response and get the highest bid possible for consignor. While most of our auctions are no reserve auctions where every item sells to highest bidder, we can set a reserve if it is determined that this is the best method for your item. All bidders at our auctions and online are well qualified and vetted.

Along with our on-site auctions, we have been a leader in the internet and online bidding in the Twin Cities area since 1995. This online presence at each of our auctions generally results in a more than 10% bump in sales price when compared to auctions with on-site bidders only.


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