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Before you decide to sell any item, you should always consider selling it via auction. Depending on the type of item you are looking to sell, there are many benefits to using the auction method.

Real Estate
While attempting to sell your real estate in the traditional manner, it’s easy for your property to get lost among the hundreds of others that are also up for sale at any given time. With a real estate auction, the focus is exclusively on your property for sale. Along with the added exposure that this focus gives you, the selling process with an auction is significantly expedited, with the traditional time to close amounting to 30-45 days from the moment you decide to sell.

While fundraising, a live auction not only motivates contributors and leverages the excitement of your charity event to raise more money, it also acts as a form of entertainment for your attendees. An auction is great way to spice up a charity event and help you reach your financial goal.

With these items, an auction gives you access to a giant pool of interested and focused buyers. It ensures that you get the highest market value for a piece on any given day as well as gives you confidence that all of your items will be sold. Because we often combine smaller estates or lots of items, you can leverage the interest in a larger catalog of items to gain more interest for each item of your items up for sale.

If you have an item or lot of items to sell or have questions, please email or give us a call at 952.473.0454.


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